Don't Let a Sex Crime Charge Wreck Your Reputation

Work with a criminal law firm in Ocala, FL

A sex crime conviction can strain your personal relationships and make it harder to secure work and housing. If you need a criminal law firm in Ocala, FL or the surrounding area, turn to

Whether you're facing sexual assault, battery or internet sex charges, trust us to provide dedicated legal support. We have a fighting mentality, and we'll make sure your constitutional rights are protected during the entire legal process. Talk to our criminal defense attorney today to start building your defense.

What are the consequences of a sex crime conviction?

Florida has some of the strictest consequences for sex crimes, making it extremely important to retain a top-notch criminal defense attorney. If convicted, you could face:

Jail time - Depending on the severity of the crime, this could range from a few months to a lifetime sentence.
Fines - You could owe $500 for a misdemeanor conviction or $15,000 for a felony.

To help you get the best possible outcome, we'll create a custom defense based on your unique situation. Set up an appointment with our criminal law firm today.