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Protect your rights with the help of a criminal defense attorney in Ocala, FL

Being charged with a crime is scary. Suddenly, there are county, state and maybe even federal prosecutors working to build a case against you. No matter what kind of crime you're being charged with, consult a criminal defense attorney at DefendOcala.com. Our team in Ocala, Florida offers legal services to help you build your case and protect your constitutional rights.

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Attorney Williams is a former U.S. Army officer.

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What should you do if you're arrested?

Creating a strong defense should start the moment you're arrested. If you're charged with a crime, you need to...

  • Cooperate with law enforcement. The worst thing you can do is fight or argue with the police about your arrest. For your own safety, listen and comply with their requests.
  • Ask for a criminal defense attorney. As an American, you have a right to legal counsel. Exercise that right by asking to speak to a criminal law attorney at DefendOcala.com.
  • Remain silent. Once you ask for your attorney, remain silent. You are not legally required to answer any questions about your case without an attorney present. Speaking to police can incriminate you.

Whether you are searching for a drug crimes lawyer or you need to build a DUI defense, a lawyer at DefendOcala.com can help. Schedule your free consultation with a criminal law attorney today by calling 352-390-2693.

A tailored approach

The Constitution is at the forefront of the law. At DefendOcala.com, we work every day to provide quality representation you can depend on with integrity you can trust. One of our lawyers is a former Army officer. He continues every day to fight for your constitutional rights. With thoughtful, personalized service, we'll tailor our legal services to fit your needs.