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Retain a domestic violence lawyer in Gainesville or Ocala, FL

If you've been accused of domestic violence, you've probably found that people are quick to judge you. Prosecutors will stop at nothing to prove you're guilty. A skilled criminal defense lawyer, however, can level the playing field.

DefendOcala.com and DefendGainesville.com can help you if you're facing charges like...

  • Harassment
  • Attempted assault
  • Aggravated harassment
  • Assault in the first degree

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You need a solid defense

Florida considers crimes against members of the same family or household to be domestic violence. A conviction could mean...

  • Serving time in prison
  • Attending court-ordered counseling
  • Completing court-ordered community service
  • Losing freedom due to a restraining order or probation

A domestic violence lawyer at DefendOcala.com and DefendGainesville.com will fight relentlessly for a positive outcome in your case.

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